About Me


Hi there! Welcome to my little piece of internet.

I’m KP.  I live in Austin, Texas. It’s beautiful and I love it. I like making friends, dancing, red lipstick and a good laugh. In the queer community I am considered a femme and I’ve come to love that label. I’m queer, and if we need to get specific, I’m bisexual. 6 months ago I wouldn’t have divulged that, but part of ending bi invisibility is, you know, not being invisible by choice. I’m currently deeply madly in love with and dating a woman who makes my heart do a backflip when I think about her, even though we’re about to hit that 2 year mark. We have a sweet dog and new cars and I have a job doing what I love so that’s pretty lovely and lucky.

I’m super liberal, very queer, proud to be a badass femme gal, and dedicated to making sure my feminism is intersectional and trans-inclusive.

It turns out I really love puzzles?

New developments like the puzzle thing are frequent.

Ok go read now bye!

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