Ground Rules

  1. I won’t identify my partner, and that was their request. If you know us, please respect their privacy and don’t identify them. Once again, these are my words and my words alone. They don’t reflect anything about their opinions or views.
  2. This is a TERF free zone. I believe trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary identities are valid and queer is not a dirty word. I do my best to respect pronouns and expect my friends and readers to as well.
  3. This is a shame free zone. I believe in sex, I believe in kinks, I believe in worshiping bodies of all sizes and shapes and colors, and in the validity of any relationship style that works for consenting adults.
  4. If you know who I am and what I do in real life, understand that this blog DOES NOT IN ANY WAY reflect the views or opinions of my company, anything stated here comes directly from me. Fucking obviously.
  5. Language alert?